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Nude Photos Of Jennifer Lawrence - Jennifer Lawrence

Nude Photos Of Jennifer Lawrence - Jennifer Lawrence
Nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence are circulating the Internet after her phone was reportedly hacked.    "This is a flagrant violation of privacy," a spokesperson for the 24-year-old Hunger Games actress said in a statement. "The authorities have been contacted and will prosecute anyone who posts the stolen photos of Jennifer Lawrence."    Other young stars have gotten caught up in similar scandals. Sexy selfies of Nickelodeon actress Jennette McCurdy were leaked in March, and a man was arrested in 2011 following an FBI investigation into the hacking of Scarlett Johansson’s phone. In 2009, Twilight’s Ashley Greene threatened to sue after nude pictures of her showed up online. And perhaps most famously, Vanessa Hudgens, a Disney darling at the time, apologized to fans in 2007 after a photo she took years earlier resurfaced.    A naked picture of Victoria Justice also made the rounds Sunday, but the former Nickelodeon star quickly refuted its authenticity.    "These so called nudes of me are FAKE people," she Tweeted. "Let me nip this in the bud right now. *pun intended*"    Justice, 21, also retweeted a fan who pointed out similarities between the leaked photo and an old shot of her.    Jennifer Lawrence is officially the sexiest woman in the world right now, well, according to readers of FHM anyway, who have just crowned her the winner of the magazine's annual 100 Sexiest Women in the World list.   The 'Hunger Games' star beat off stiff competition from the likes of Michelle Keegan, Helen Flanagan and last year's winner, Mila Kunis, to the top spot in the magazine's 2014 poll.   It's yet another award for the actress to add to her already impressive collection, which includes an Oscar, two Golden Globes and a BAFTA thanks to star turns in 'Silver Linings Playbook' and 'American Hustle'. Not too shabby for a 23-year-old.   And whilst many of the ladies who make up the 100 Sexiest Women in the World list have an allergy to clothing, Jen is one star who has made it onto the A-list without flashing the flesh at any given opportunity, and for that we salute her.   More than 60 years ago, an It girl not dissimilar to Jennifer Lawrence also had highly suggestive and topless photos emerge into the public sphere, just as her career was rocketing from B-player to A-list star. A 23-year-old Marilyn Monroe, desperate for work, posed nude for art photographer Tom Kelley in 1949, receiving $50 for her time. She made rent, and continued her fledgling career. It wasn’t until 1952, when two of the images from the shoot showed up in a calendar called Golden Dreams, that the photo shoot came back to (potentially) haunt her. At first, it was mere speculation that the anonymous girl in the pages of the calendar seemed to look strikingly similar to one of Fox’s up-and-coming starlettes. But as it became increasingly clear that it was, in fact, Monroe nude on a bed of red satin, she urged her studio to let her guide her own PR strategy, one brilliant in its simplicity. Instead of denouncing the images, Monroe took control of the narrative. She’d been hungry and behind on rent, and besides, she had always insisted that the photographer’s wife be in the room. “I’m not ashamed of it,” she told the press. “I’ve done nothing wrong.”   Several hours ago nude and risqué photos of many celebrities leaked online, the work of a hacker who, it is alleged, successfully breached Apple’s iCloud service and copied the photos. While some celebrities have disputed the authenticity of the images, Jennifer Lawrence and others have confirmed that theirs are genuine.   The current breach represents a serious crime and violation of privacy; I certainly sympathize with the victims and hope that the perpetrators of this crime are apprehended and adequately punished. Celebrities are people with feelings.   There are, however, several important lessons that we should all learn from this incident:   1. It is unclear whether the celebrities did not properly protect their accounts, if a vulnerability was found in iCloud or if something else occurred. But, either way, if you take nude photos, think twice before storing them in the cloud. In fact, think hard before storing any sensitive materials in the cloud. As I have stated many times, cloud providers suffer from an inherent problem: they make good targets. Hackers know how to reach the various cloud services, know that celebrities and businesses have valuable files on many of the providers’ systems and know that a single breach can potentially lead to a treasure trove of material from numerous parties. Breaching a cloud file-storage provider can be the hacking equivalent of hitting the jackpot. Additionally, there remains the risk that the security of your sensitive material is ultimately not in your hands and that if a provider is breached, its interests and yours may not align. (Edward Snowden claimed that NSA personnel would share nude images gathered by its online surveillance; regardless of the veracity of that claim, do you think a cloud provider will keep your materials from the NSA if it demands them?) So, even if a cloud provider is more professional in handling security than you are, be aware that there may be risks and that orders of magnitude more attacks may be launched trying to steal your files from the cloud than from a machine sitting in your house.   2. If you must store sensitive material in the cloud, encrypt it and, preferably, not with tools provided by, and hosted at, the cloud provider. Hackers who breach the provider may gain access to methods of decrypting if the decryption system is run by the provider. (There may be providers where this is not a problem due to the way encryption is implemented, but for others, it may be a serious risk. So consult an expert if you plan to use a cloud provider’s encryption to secure sensitive files.)   3. Make sure to properly secure any accounts that you have. Strong passwords are a must. The answers to challenge questions are almost always weak (think about it – the answer to a challenge question is a simple password about which the asker is also giving the person being asked a strong hint). If you reuse passwords remember to do so with careful consideration; a breach at one site can become a breach at others.   4.  While this may seem counterintuitive, unless you are a celebrity, you need to be more careful than celebrities. Despite any laws or rights to the contrary, it seems clear that law enforcement, the media and technology vendors treat the leakage of sensitive material belonging to celebrities far differently than they do breaches of other people’s privacy. If you are using a free service, do not expect great cooperation; you may not receive it. I have been impersonated on social media and dealt with one provider who responded very quickly and another who did not respond for weeks. Within hours of the breach today, Twitter announced that it is suspending accounts that share the celebrity nude photos; do you really think that you will get the same treatment? Also, consider that the leakage of nude photos may be less likely to adversely impact the careers or relationships of entertainers than your own.   5.   Make sure not to share materials online that you do not wish to become public. Security settings should not be relied upon to protect material that “must not leak,” as hackers may successfully undermine security. Learn from Kate Upton who, ironically, said in an interview earlier this month that she does not pose for nude pictures by “great fashion photographers” because “with social media and the Internet and not so great blogs and the attention like that, I don’t think that my pictures would be received in the way that I’d want them to be received. That’s why I’ve stayed away from them. I really appreciate those photos and I think those women are beautiful, but I think social media and the Internet has prevented me from putting myself out there like that.”  Once stored on the Internet, images that are intended to be private may become public and may remain online forever. Of course, this also raises concerns about storage in cloud systems as well. (Disclaimer: SecureMySocial, which I founded, is producing technology that warns people if they are posting potentially problematic material on social media.)   Of course, the best place to store sensitive material is on machines not hooked up to the internet. If such a scenario is impractical, at least keep the machine secure with proper security software, encryption, passwords, etc.   One more recommendation: Even if you choose to ignore the prior ideas, if you have sensitive photos or other materials stored on iCloud, I would remove them ASAP, at least until all the dust settles regarding whether a vulnerability exists and was successfully exploited. You don’t want to find out the hard way.   Marilyn Monroe demonstrating the innocent pleasure in her own sexuality that defined her image. Handout / Reuters And her comments just kept getting better. “I’ve only autographed a few copies of it, mostly for sick people,” she explained to the The Saturday Evening Post. “On one I wrote, ‘This might not be my best angle.’” Unlike prior sex scandals, which had each served as a revelation of a hidden self, the photos of a naked Monroe fit with the expectations gleaned from her on-screen performances. (Just four years before, a leading Hollywood star — Ingrid Bergman — had been denounced on the Senate floor as an “instrument of evil” for giving birth out of wedlock, with nary a single nude photo in sight.) Monroe’s on-screen persona, or “picture personality,” was defined by sex; it was no surprise when her off-screen activities were as well. But Monroe’s particular embodiment of sex, and the salience thereof, hinged on an understanding of sex not as prurient, or deviant, but natural — fitting with what came to be known as the “Playboy philosophy,” that sex is only dirty when suppressed. In this way, Monroe reassured the public that posing for those photos wasn’t wrong, or sinful, or something that should end her career — but a young, hungry, ambitious girl understanding her assets and sharing the pleasure of her beautiful body. Monroe knew that she could fold the potential scandal of the Golden Dreams photos into her existing image, which managed to reconcile the intensely sexual with the overwhelmingly innocent. She giggled, she smiled, she completely neutralized the career-destroying power of those photos. All with a few lines of well-chosen response, calculated to help her audience understand that yes, nude photos might be the site of truth of the Marilyn Monroe image, but that site of truth isn’t cobwebbed and unseemly, but rather the most innocent, natural, and thus unimpeachable form of bliss. Which brings us back to Jennifer Lawrence. If the potential scandal of the Golden Dreams calendar failed to take hold, it was because a) the images fit within the existing understanding of Monroe’s image, and b) her commentary on the pictures demonstrated her ability to incorporate them into the narrative of her image. The photos of Lawrence are explicit and nude and NSFW, but there’s nothing to suggest anything darker than the sexual appetites of her characters in Silver Linings Playbook and American Hustle. Those roles, along with Lawrence’s mainstream turn in the Hunger Games trilogy and dozens of interviews, photo shoots, and public appearances, have constructed a star image best described as that of the Cool Girl, a type whose maxim is to be chill and don’t be a downer; act like a dude but look like a supermodel. Joke about butt plugs on national television, go crazy for pizza while looking gorgeous on the red carpet. Fulfill the most pleasing parts of femininity without any of the parts that annoy, perturb, or otherwise highlight just how difficult it actually is to be a “cool girl” in society. Lawrence’s image is a contradiction, but no less so than Monroe’s own combination of intense sexuality and equally intense innocence. What’s crucial, however, is that Monroe’s image could expand to include the revelation of a set of nude photos — and so, I would argue, can Lawrence’s. Lawrence’s publicist has issued a statement calling the photos “a flagrant violation of privacy,” but even if Lawrence herself says nothing in response, these images, and their invocation of an incredibly hot yet low-key sexuality, are readily incorporated into the preexisting Lawrence image. No image or activity is de facto scandalous; it only becomes scandalous when it compromises our understanding of how a star, or a political figure, or a teacher or a journalist or a clergyman, should behave. Those understandings are constantly in flux; historically speaking, however, they have been especially ruthless and unfair towards women. At this moment, Lawrence’s Cool Girl image readily expands to accommodate these images, and her response, if there is one, will most likely reproduce the same themes of nonchalance and humor that have defined her image during its rise to cultural dominance. But just because Lawrence’s image can weather these revelations doesn’t mean that it, or she, should have to. Even as many celebrities make their private lives increasingly available for public consumption via social media (a phenomenon from which Lawrence has notably abstained), no public figure, no matter how well she’s paid, should be denied the basic human right of privacy. Lawrence offers so much of herself for us to consume; the problem is that once that audience’s hunger is in place, it becomes increasingly difficult, especially in the digital age, for anyone — star, publicist, fan — to police and control it. Don’t mistake that for victim-blaming: Just because someone is likable and charismatic and a public figure doesn’t mean that they should, or deserve to be an open target; nevertheless, they become so. In the less than 24 hours since the leak, I’ve seen very little of the encoded slut-shaming that usually accompanies similar leaks. Hashtags like #LeakForJLaw and #IfMyPhoneWasHacked may be somewhat beside the point, but nonetheless express solidarity instead of shame. And that, coupled with what now seem like the non-events of leaked nudes of Blake Lively and Scarlett Johansson, seems to suggest that the lack of scandal isn’t just about a “fit” with Lawrence’s pre-existing image. Rather, just as the acceptance of Monroe’s nude photos — and her image as a whole — anticipated the sexual revolution, the acknowledgement that twentysomething females are sexual beings just might predicate a more balanced and less Puritanical understanding of female sexuality. That’s a hopeful reading, especially in light of what can only be described as a full-scale, if covert, war on women’s rights, especially as pertains to their bodies, over the last five years. Indeed, the person who hacked these photos — not just of Lawrence, but of nearly a dozen other female stars — did so with the knowledge that the naked female celebrity form would, in and of itself, constitute a scandal. That hacker’s understanding isn’t wrong; the media’s treatment of revelations of female sexuality may not be as declamatory as the Senate floor denunciation of Bergman, but it’s equally shadowed with shame. These photos now exist in the world, and they’re not going away. But as feminists, fans of Lawrence, or just culturally progressive people, we can decide not to align our reactions with the hacker’s intent. The only way to prevent a market for these type of photos is to stop treating them, and the “secrets” they reveal, as revelatory or scandalous. They don’t tell you anything new about Lawrence. They don’t make you think differently about her. You know why? Because sexuality isn’t, and shouldn’t be, a dirty secret. In her public appearances and interviews, Lawrence has never attempted to make it so. And just because it’s private doesn’t mean it’s dirty — but that’s an algebra that the scandal machine has labored tirelessly to invert, decades before Monroe’s own “dirty” photos came to light. In the end, it’s not Lawrence’s job to correctly “play,” and thus defuse, this potential scandal. Instead, let it be our task to perform the difficult but necessary labor of not being scandalized at all.
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